January 27, 2022

“Cronos” in polished nickel: Brilliant design meets high craftsmanship

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Clarity and elegance define the “Cronos” collection by Jörger. Its trademark is the luxurious fluted design and the rosette as a decorative design element – the fluted cut makes for a brilliant and vibrant effect. Especially in combination with natural light and the noble polished nickel surface.

Outstanding design and premium craftsmanship in production characterise the values of the German fittings manufacturer and determine the exquisite bathroom aesthetics that the name Jörger has represented worldwide for many years. The masterful “Cronos” collection is a prime example of this.

“Cronos” – designed for eternity

Its beautiful name of Greek origin means “time”, which is directly related to the origin of the collection: It was his grandfather’s watch, or rather the crown of this historic pocket watch, that inspired Oliver Jörger to create the unique design of  “Cronos”.

Clarity and modern elegancy combined with an air of luxury – the timelessly beautiful “Cronos” defies time, rises above all trends and appears to be made for eternity.

The fluted design is the trademark of “Cronos”

Subtle grooves adorn the surface of the “Cronos” fitting and define its modern and beautiful form – from base body to spout. The softly tapered shape of the body counteracts the strict and straight lines.

Set like a decorative ring at the bottom of the fitting is the component that smoothly and brilliantly punctuates the grooved structure of the surface. And then, in perfect harmony, the end piece of the spout resumes the sleek design.

The fluted cut evokes a brilliant and vibrant effect that comes to full fruition when combined with natural light, which refracts easily and harmoniously in the grooves. Last but not least, this luxurious appearance is perfectly and most effectively emphasised by the noble polished nickel surface.

Timelessly beautiful luminous figure: the modern, luxurious design of “Cronos” in polished nickel

Polished nickel creates a very pleasant impression due to its warm reflections, and seems to glow from within. The noble finish delights the eyes and its warm, gentle sheen lends the “Cronos” fittings and accessories in particular an elegant and very noble, luxurious look.

Due to its properties, polished nickel also makes for an excellent surface for the bathroom. It is robust, durable and, with proper care, remains permanently beautiful.

The “Cronos” rosette as a decorative design element

Design and craftsmanship are in the detail. As a result, the unique design language of “Cronos” can be found in all components of the collection. The elegantly fluted rosette plays the central role as a characteristic and decorative design element.

For example, the decorative rosette is used for a wide range of wall-mounted accessories. As a result, the various holders, for example of lotion dispensers and toilet paper roll holders, are designed as rosettes with fluted cut and feature a matching surface finish.

The “Cronos” fittings with cross or lever handle

“Cronos” offers a rich variety of fittings for washbasin, bidet, bath tub and shower, which can be combined with two variants of handles: the winding lever handle or the cross-shaped twist handle.

“Cronos” accessories as free-standing or wall-mounted versions

The range of high-quality accessories is wide and constantly growing. Numerous products are available as customer-oriented wall-mounted and free-standing versions.


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