August 25, 2022

“La vie en rose” – Gentle romanticism and charming luxuries with “Cronos” in sunshine by Jörger Design

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Jörger Design is presenting another piece of its extraordinary art of design with refined romanticism, charming luxury, and a suggestive flair of “je-ne-sais-quoi”, blending features of traditional and innovative bathroom aesthetics at their most beautiful, in its new “La vie en rose” bathroom design.

The name is the game: “La vie en rose”. – Composed in an artistic, creative, and confident manner, the beautiful new bathroom design by Jörger Design is enchanting with its romantic ambience, charming luxury, and atmospheric sensuality. The elegant “Cronos” fittings in their exclusive sunshine finish are cast in the leading role here, combined with refined accessories perfectly matched with them in design.

The predominant colour range of the wall design, from gentle pink to rosé and dusky pink, the warm orange-brown of the bath tub, and the sunny gloss of the warm sunshine gold combine to create the romantically luxurious flair of this bathroom that invites the free association with a hint of the scent of a powdery, light pink, and slightly floral perfume hanging in the air.

“La vie en rose” is a creative vision of careful reduction to the essentials. It adds relevance to every single selected design element and object of the interior design. In the main and supporting roles alike, it contributes to the overall piece of art and its effect in a manner that is aesthetically indispensable.

Of light, gloss, and true glamour: The enchanting “Cronos” in sunshine

Sunshine is one of the seven galvanised surfaces Jörger, a designer and manufacturer of exclusive bathroom taps, has in its finishing range. The surface coated in 18-carat gold shows a naturally sunny, refined, and warm shine to bring light, gloss, and refined glamour into the bathroom. The smoother the surface, the brighter and glossier this warm gold will shine.

Sunshine is developing a very special quality and effect as a surface of the refined “Cronos” fittings and accessories. Why?

The “Cronos” trademark is its luxurious fluted design. The fluted cut ensures a brilliant and vibrant look. This is particularly the case in combination with natural light. It also changes the appearance of the warm gold and its shine.

The bright, radiant gloss of sunshine is, in a way, dampened and “broken up” by the flute structure: Light reflections appear and a play of light and shadow is created.

The “Cronos” fitting design in sunshine has a sunny, warm, enchanting, romantic, refined, and luxurious effect while serving as the integral, creative power for “La vie en rose” by Jörger Design.

Innovative aesthetics at the example of the wall design of Wall&decò

Blush! The wall decoration in the “La vie en rose” bathroom design by Jörger Design has a strong visual effect that is bordering on being suggestive. Mainly using rosé and rouge shades, the “Niveum” designer wallpaper by Wall&decò impresses with its floral motives. Gigantic petals decorate the wall, looking like huge photographs rendered in watercolour.

The floral wallpaper has a strong material effect. Its innovation goes beyond the aesthetic aspect. The “WET system” makes the fibreglass lifestyle wallpaper water-proof, and thus perfect for the bath tub and shower. The system has been developed by Wall&decò.

“La vie en rose” by Jörger Design – products and manufacturer

Jörger has equipped its “La vie en rose” design bathroom with high-quality products of Italian manufacturers that set aesthetic and technical standards:

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