March 7, 2024

Style Instead of Fashion: “Valencia” in Sunshine Matt with Black Marble by Jörger Design

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Iconic faucet design, avant-garde bathroom concept, exclusive materials: Jörger presents a jewelry design of surprisingly luxurious and sophisticated aesthetics with “Valencia” in Sunshine matt with black marble, perfectly presented in a boldly designed bathroom interior. This universe seems to live up to Coco Chanel’s words:“La mode se démode, le style jamais.” (Fashion goes out of fashion, but style never does.)

The name of Jörger has represented design and manufacture of bathroom taps on the highest level internationally for a great many years. The exclusive “Valencia” series is absolutely exemplary for this, not least for setting milestones of refined aesthetics in the bathroom with its jewelry edition.

The collection has already acquired style icon status among lovers of design from around the world – barely five years after its introduction on the market. It’s a position well earned, as the unusually sophisticated design of “Valencia” in Sunshine matt with black marble that we are now presenting proves.

Exclusive Connection – “Valencia” in Sunshine Matt with Black Marble

The world of marble is unique. The material has become a staple in contemporary furnishing concepts. How can marble be used for exciting highlights in fitting design, however?

Jörger Design is setting distinctive design accents with its expressive natural stone while creatively combining the particularly beautiful golden shade of matt Sunshine with black marble from the Chinese Guangxi province in an inspired move.

Black Marble from China – Highly Elegant, Naturally Beautiful

Look at that black marble: It’s refined, exclusive, exotic. The precious natural stone stands out with its deep colour and pattern in the form of branching veins in white and light grey. Distinctive and with a sophisticated air, it can be used unobtrusively to great effect, true to the motto of “less can be more”. It’s just a perfect choice as a gemstone for the “Valencia” faucet handles. Every stone is unique.

Sunshine Matt – the Warm and Precious Gleaming Gold Shade by Jörger Design

“Sunshine matt (.041)” is one of the seven galvanised surfaces Jörger, a designer and manufacturer of exclusive bathroom taps, has in its finishing range. The gold alloy contains “indium”, which makes the finish harder and sunnier in colour than pure gold would be. The surface plated in 18-carat gold is brushed by hand to give it its precious matt tone.

The combination of Sunshine matt with the select black marble turns out to be a very fitting and pleasant choice. The luxurious matt finish reduces the heavy and harsh feel of the natural stone while emphasising its exclusive, natural look.

This dream team merges to create an atmosphere of true style and sophisticated luxury. “Valencia” has a timelessly refined, stylish, and extremely expressive look in this jewelry design.

Luxury and Avant-Garde in Black and Gold – The Stage for “Valencia” in Sunshine Matt with Black Marble

“Luxury & Avant-garde” is the name of one of the four worlds of style and experience that Jörger Design offers, thus meeting the preferences and tastes of different cultures all around the world. The new bathroom design with “Valencia” in Sunshine matt with black marble doubtlessly represents this design style, though uniquely re-interpreted by Jörger in a bold, uncompromising manner, with focused elegance and a hint of playful ease and imagination.

Concentrated Elegance – Bathroom Interior by Jörger Design in Black Marble with “Valencia” in Sunshine Matt

High, downright palatial ceilings, black marble walls, ascetic pillars serving as mute sentinels, and floating luminous, glossy golden crystal leaves – all of this together forms the space of timeless beauty for and with Jörger’s “Valencia” in Sunshine matt with black marble.

Black marble is severe and elegant like a dinner jacket, sophisticated and luxurious like an evening gown. Black hides all that is irrelevant, drawing attention only to what is essential: Jörger’s exclusive “Valencia” series in Sunshine matt with black marble as a fitting handle design goes far beyond a luxurious accessory as it defines the location’s status – unobtrusive and yet eloquent.

The Avant-Garde Luxury Bathroom by Jörger Design with “Valencia” in Sunshine Matt with Black Marble – Products and Manufacturers

Daring to be unique and enthusiastic about design, Jörger Design’s creative team has developed a bathroom interior that gives birth to a new style – as a congenial backdrop for its “Valencia” collection in Sunshine matt with black marble.

The bathroom equipment includes the following exclusive designer products from leading European luxury brands:

Discover Jörger’s “Valencia” Collection – Links for More Information and Offerings on the Jörger Website

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