April 29, 2024

Wellness and Comfort: the Rainheaven multifunctional shower from Jörger Design

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The multifunctional RAINHEAVEN with different types of jets and colored light therapy transforms the shower area into a real shower experience! It becomes a natural part of the private bathroom and feature of an individual wellness program at home. JÖRGER Design offers the opportunity to experience and enjoy water in a special way.

The desire for a sense of well-being in the bathroom as well as technical developments are changing our ideas of quality life and the expectations of contemporary bathroom fittings. 

Multifunctional showers with different types of jets and colored light therapy (chromotherapy) have evolved from an exotic water attraction to a common, almost must-have feature for a high-quality home spa. The daily shower has become an experience, a source of positive feelings and a tool for increasing well-being.  

JÖRGER Design has exactly these rain showers in its range. You can choose exactly the one that matches your needs and style of your bathroomvarious sizes, different spray types and finishes. 

RAINHEAVEN by JÖRGER Design - body care and comfort

The rain showers in the dimension 610 x 610 mm is made of only 2 mm ultra-thin stainless steel and then plated in the desired finish. It combines the basic function for body care with wellness options by choosing jet type, jet zone and wellness treatment.

With 2 jet types – rain jet and atomizer – and 5 water zones, the optimum water scenario for every moment is easy to choose:

  • central rain jet for a refreshing shower
  • switch on the surrounding 4 water zones for a revitalizing and relaxing shower
  • the soft and gentle tropical atomizer – for maximum relaxation, emotional reset and cosmetic effects
  • as well as any combination of all the modes.  

The intensity of the jets and the combination of modes can be individually selected using separate wall valves matching in design with the rest of the fittings.
The multifunctional 610 x 610 mm rain head has 605 nozzles for consistent water flow. As a matter of course the jets are equipped with an integrated anticalcareous system.

JÖRGER Design offers all the RAINHEAVEN showers to match the colors of the selected bathroom fittings. The range includes 16 authentic finishes, such as sunshine, bronze, gold matt or platinum. 

RAINHEAVEN multifunctional shower in bronze for an elegant bathroom interior

The timeless CRONOS collection combines modern and classic elements and is one of the highlights in the JÖRGER Design range. The cross-shaped handles and the fine grooves of the spout and body give the bathroom interior a timeless character.

To create this harmonious overall look in a luxurious bathroom interior with stylish onyx panels, the multifunctional RAINHEAVEN is finished in bronze as well. Measuring 610 x 610 mm, it has two types of spray and an optional chromotherapy function.

Optional colored light therapy for atmosphere and well-being

Chromotherapy is an additional option for improving physical and emotional health as part of an individual wellness program. The seven colors – blue, yellow, indigo, green, red, orange and violet – light up in sequence and alternately.

Each color has a different effect on your senses. The combination of different water jets and colors enhances the effect of the chosen wellness setting: 

  • Blue creates calm and serenity. This relaxed state promotes creativity, increases performance and relieves muscle tension. 
  • Yellow has a mood-lifting and digestive effect.
  • Indigo also has a calming effect, encourages reflection and helps to control thoughts and emotions.
  • Green – the color of nature. It gives hope and strengthens the immune system. Green prevents stress, nervousness, sadness and insomnia.
  • Red has a positive effect on muscles, heart and bones. Red light stimulates the metabolism and combats fatigue and lack of self-confidence.
  • Orange has been shown to release the reward hormone dopamine in the brain, which increases motivation and enjoyment of life.
  • Violet calms and stabilises the nerve system. It has a preventive effect on insomnia and headaches.

Discover the RAINHEAVEN shower collection from JÖRGER Design – links to further information on the JÖRGER website

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