The diamond, as the most glittering of precious stones, supplied Oliver Jörger with the inspiration for „Palazzo Crystal“ range of taps and accessories, turning every bathroom into a jewel.

A bright glow fills the bathroom: Crystals take you back to the magnificent times of luxury in palaces. The beauty, clarity and exclusivity of the diamond was Oliver Jörger’s source of inspiration during the development of the classical „Palazzo Crystal“ range of taps and accessories.

Crystals with a sophisticated diamond polish refine the round handles and elements of all the fixtures in every detail of the wide range of accessories. On washbasins, bidets, and bathtubs as well as in showers, the crystals merge with water and light and unfold their magic, with fascinating effect.

Soft lines give the form warmth and harmony: The fixture spout is softly curved and the round rosettes finish off perfectly the form of the crystals. Exquisite, hand-finished surfaces complete this luxurious bathroom design.

Palazzo Crystal – Surfaces and Finishes

Finishes refine taps and accessories harmoniously and in the correct style. The final polish gives the design its indiviuality and exclusivity. Only the finest materials, worked by hand by specialist craftsmen in Germany, are used in the sophisticated surfaces. Every finish gives the style of the bathroom an additional, emotional impulse - from stylish or elegant to warm or antique. An extraordinary range of twelve different surfaces create a distinctive, authentic finish.
Palazzo Crystal - chrome - .000
Palazzo Crystal - mink - .095
Palazzo Crystal - platinum - .065
Palazzo Crystal - sunshine - .040
Palazzo Crystal - bronze - .011
Palazzo Crystal - gold - .020
Palazzo Crystal - mink matt - .096
mink matt
Palazzo Crystal - satin nickel - .036
satin nickel
Palazzo Crystal - polished nickel - .035
polished nickel
Palazzo Crystal - sunshine matt - .041
sunshine matt
Palazzo Crystal - platinum matt - .066
platinum matt