March 1, 2015

ISH 2015 – Design as a Cultural Asset

ISH 2015 – Design as a Cultural Asset

We come across the term „culture“ in our daily routines with various meanings and in different contexts. For example, we speak of eating culture, company culture, and living culture. The term comes from the Latin word „cultura“ and „colere“. In this way, something that is „man made“, or „produced by hand“ can be set apart from what has been created by nature.

If we follow this original derivation, we find an ingenious connection to the term „design“, defined as forming or shaping,

„Since the company was founded in 1909, it has been the passion for creating products for the bathroom as ‚living space’ which has driven us on. „Design is most definitely at the core of our company“, says Oliver Jörger, Managing Director of Jörger Armaturen- und Accessoiresfabrik.

Every generation of the family company has been inspired by the characteristic elements of their time, by nature and geometric forms. They created products which captured the spirit of the times and, even today, enjoy a passionate following.

Tradition in the sense of cultural heritage. In this way, for decades now, sophisticated ranges, from classic to modern, have been created.

At this year’s ISH the central point of our presentation will be the exciting combination of high quality materials and surfaces. We have also expanded our ranges and will be introducing innovative new ideas.

The possibility to place a a bathtub anywhere in the room represents an exclusive form of individual bathroom design.
With the new, free-standing bathtub fittings from the „Turn“, „Empire Royal“, „Charleston Royal“ and “Acubo“ we are offering customers an exciting collection of design fittings for flexible installation.

Crystals exude an extraordinary fascination. Special effects are created when combined with different surfaces.
The „Empire Royal“ series is impressive in its subtlety.  The contrasting combination with sophisticated crystal handles, in black, white, or clear, even re-defines the design. The aesthetic jewelled elements turn the series into a modern work of art.

The „Cronos“ collection is characterized by classical elegance combined with modern sophistication. The new handles of the washbasin fittings made with highest quality, polished Swarovski crystals, highlight the exclusivity of this series.

At ISH this year, alongside the new additions to the ranges, Jörger will once again be presenting exclusive bathroom solutions in a variety of styles, as well as the diversity of the available surfaces and technical features.


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