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Themenwelten ISH2017


Where does preference in taste originate from? What is design oriented upon? Architecture has always played an enormous role in answering this question. Is it not the impressive modern or historic bui...

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Turn free WFB 01

Free-standing bathtub allows for flexible interior design

Traditionally, free-standing bathtubs belong to the „good old times“ when there were no installable systems. As water pipes began disappear into the walls and bathrooms became smaller, the bathtub was...

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EmpireRoyalCrystal 02

Empire Royal Crystal – Range of taps sets royal accents

Subtle clarity and practicality characterize the „Empire Royal Crystal“ series. The aesthetically curved outlet of the tap lifts from a square base element. The covered flow control forms a soft, pear...

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Acc Turn

TURN – Consistently Dynamic

„TURN“, the impressive range of fittings from Jörger, gives stark geometric forms such as squares or rectangles a fully new dimension. Following key examples of modern architecture, the square body of...

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Cronos Crystal WT3 Loch SU

Cronos Crystal – timeless significance

A guiding principle of the company philosophy is: As one with tradition – committed to the modern. This idea is apparent in the „Cronos“ range of taps and accessories in a very special way. The expres...

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ISH15 0506

ISH 2015 – Design as a Cultural Asset

We come across the term „culture“ in our daily routines with various meanings and in different contexts. For example, we speak of eating culture, company culture, and living culture. The term comes fr...

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TURN Plus X 01

TURN receives two distinctions in the „Plus X Award“

The innovative Jörger series „Turn“ is awarded not once, but twice with the international, prestigious „Plus X Award“. The series receives the seal of quality for „High Quality and Design“ and is also...

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AP WFB DelphiDeco

„Delphi Deco“ – The Magic of Crystals

The „Art Déco“ era began in a period of artistic transition at the start of the 20th century. It was not particularly characterized by a specific style, but moreover by the creative combination of ele...

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WT 3 Loch Cronos HG

CRONOS – Classically aesthetic fittings, yet presented in a modern design.

Sometimes it is the inconspicuous parts of the daily routine which make such a difference. The fl uted crown of a historic pocket watch – an heirloom of his grandfather’s – inspired Oliver Jörger’s id...

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Palazzo WT 3L SU

Luxury with Tradition – Fascinating Crystals

A classically stylish bathroom conveys tradition and significance, by far outlasting todays’ ever-changing trends. With finely polished crystals, such as can be found in European castles and stately h...

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Bathing Experience with Grandeur and Charm

A symbol of the “Belle Epoque” is the bathtub “Delphi”, which reflects the splendour and the luxurious way of the life towards the end of the 19th century. The softly rounded form of the bathtub, born...

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Turn 1305

Turn – From sculpture to tap

The new tap „Turn“ finds Jörger picking up on modern architectural trends. Inspired by such spectacular constructions as the “Turning Torso in Malmö” or the “Infinity Tower in Dubai”, the quadratic bo...

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Aqubo 1303

ACUBO – Sophisticated bathroom design

Clear, modern and stylishly simple – eloquently describes the appearance of the new fixture based on the „Empire II“ series. This range abandons the characteristic upward reaching arches in order to a...

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Plateau 1210

PLATEAU – Mix and Match

„Plateau“ series extended / New patterns and seven colours emphasize the individuality of this range.
The modern, no-frills design of the „Plateau“ series creates a convincing picture not only in pri...

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CharlestonSquare 1207

Charleston Square – Geometric Harmony

The CHARLESTON SQUARE series is perfect for those who wish to combine a timelessly elegant bathroom design with modern shapes. Jörger – Armaturen- und Accessoires-Fabrik GmbH skilfully and harmoniousl...

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