The luxurious bathroom as an element of the business image

Designer Elena Petrakova, Seasons Design Studio, Cover, Valencia, Shower Combination, Black Matt

The sanitary facilities of a highly regarded company are not just a place with a purely practical function, but also a place that can act as a calling card for the company.

The choice of materials, products and brands can often tell an observant visitor more about a company’s success and strong market position than a report from a recognised auditor.

This is why the designer Elena Petrakowa (design studio Seasons Design, discusses every minute detail of the interior of the sanitary facilities with her customers. For example, the co-investors of the construction project were invited to participate in the selection of the taps and the materials to be used. That is why sanitary facilities with a variety of designs were produced in the company.

In the choice of the taps and accessories, without any prior consultation, everyone involved in the decision-making process chose the Valencia series by JÖRGER, with the finishes platinum matt or black matt. In the modern design of the taps the decision-makers detected a strong similarity to the luxury features of a business-class limousine. Produced in timeless, modern design, with a smooth black crystal enclosed by an industrial-style knurl, the handles give the Valencia series its timeless and modern look, embodying pure elegance and luxury. In such details visitors recognise what they view as the typical, upscale lifestyle, and subconsciously associate this with the success of the company and the high social standing of its owner.

More information about the Valencia series from Jörger and about options for selecting the right accessories can be found here.

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