February 9, 2024

Premiere: Jörger Design at Luxury Products Group Expo 2024 in San Antonio, Texas

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Jörger Design at LPG EXPO in the USA – For the very first time, Jörger attended the Luxury Products Group Expo, which this year took place in San Antonio, Texas, from January, 17 until January 20, 2024. On site were chief designer and managing director Oliver Jörger and business partner Al Rykus. Jörger’s luxury bathroom faucets took of course centre stage.

Togetherness makes you strong. Since the beginning of June 2023, Jörger has been partnering with the Luxury Products Group (LPG), a premier national buying group for decorative plumbing and hardware showrooms. Jörger Design is offered for display to a select group in their showroom network. Fashioned as a ultra luxury brand, Jörger Design fills a need for LPG‘s best showrooms.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this partnership is marking another significant step on the way to expanding and intensifying the German family-owned company's commitment to the North America market.

Jörger has been operating independently as a brand on the US market since the beginning of May 2022.

Touch and feel the difference – JÖRGER Design on display at LPG EXPO 2024

For the first time, Jörger Design was represented at LPG conference in San Antonio. On display was a small but highly refined selection of luxury bathroom faucets designed by Oliver Jörger. The focus at Jörger's own booth was on the “Belledor”, “Valencia”, “Cronos”, “Empire Royal Crystal”, and “Turn” collections.

“We are definetly growing through LPG and our new dealer relationships“ – Oliver Jörger

The Luxury Products Group Expo 2024 in San Antonio, Texas has come to a successful close. Now it's high time for a first-hand retrospective – What does Oliver Jörger say?

“The trade fair, two days and two hours was very interesting. From nine in the morning until four, or half past four, we met a different LPG member virtually every fifteen minutes, coming into contact with people from across the entire USA. Interest was great and feedback was very, very positive. A great many of the people we talked to have agreed to start new cooperations with us and to exhibit our newly developed display. We are growing through LPG and our new dealer relationships.”

Picture gallery online: Oliver Jörger at LPG EXPO 2024 with Jörger Design

The gallery is offering a few choice impressions of Jörger’s trade fair appearance at LPG show 2024. Originally, the photos were only intended for publication on Jörger’s LinkedIn company profile.

Jörger's commitment to the US market – Links for more information on the Jörger website

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