November 9, 2023

Timelessly Beautiful and Expressive – “Cronos” in Bronze by Jörger Design

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Classical elegance, well-groomed luxury, and new cosiness full of glamour and dignity: Jörger’s new bathroom design congenially presents the home’s crown jewel and gives “Cronos” space to unfold its effect. In bronze. In a generously sized, bright, and downright artistic luxury bathroom. The trendy finish turns out to be the ideal choice. “Cronos” has an amazing look – as if made for eternity.

“Classical & elegant” is one of the four style and experience worlds offered by Jörger Design to live up to the preferences and tastes of different cultures around the world. The new bathroom inspiration with “Cronos” in brushed bronze doubtlessly represents this design style.

At the same time, however, the creation is a clear statement of novel interpretation of the classic style as the epitome of luxury, value, and elegance, as well as a modern update for the same. This becomes evident, among other things, in select materials such as natural onyx or porcelain stoneware with a marble look for the floor tiles and washbasins, and in Jörger’s state-of-the-art shower system for a very special home spa.

Luxurious Living Bathroom in Classical Style, with “Cronos” in Brushed Bronze by Jörger Design

What is essential is that Jörger’s new design gives the bathroom its extraordinary position as a living area, literally affording it plenty of space – as a place to be, a retreat, for sensuous enjoyment and conscious body care. No matter if we are looking at the washbasin, the shower, the bath tub, or the toilet – each area is generously sized and becomes part of the overall concept of this extraordinarily artistically designed luxury bathroom.

Jörger’s “Cronos” in bronze is setting special, very unique accents in this bathroom cosmos, forming an aesthetically balanced counterpoint to classical opulence, and appearing almost as an object of art in itself – timelessly beautiful and expressive.

Designed for Eternity: “Cronos” in Brushed Bronze, with Cross Handles

History, tradition, craftsmanship, artistry, wealth, renown, power, resilience – all of this combines with bronze, moving to the focus at the sight of “Cronos” executed in brushed bronze with decorative, traditional cross handles.

“Cronos”, timelessly beautiful all on its own, is withstanding time and seems made for eternity. The special bronze finish by Jörger ideally supports this effect of the faucet design – though this is not the only reason why it is the perfect choice.

Bronzed and Hand-Brushed: Jörger’s Bronze-Finish Creates Unique Pieces

Jörger’s bronze is characterised by a particularly warm gloss and very special luxurious aesthetics resulting from the bronzing method: A special bath in alkaline liquid initially stains the surface a dark brown. Hand-brushing produces the characteristic bronze shade, though the manual processing means that it cannot ever be consistent. The surface will always show some colour variations that make every single workpiece unique.

The warm, soft gloss and bronzed shades produce a valuable beauty of their own that exudes a feeling of rich history.

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