The classic range of taps and accessories, „Minarett“ brings the magic of the Orient into the bathroom.

The magical architecture of the Orient peaks in artistically designed, prominent towers. Designer Gerhard Jörger developed this classic range of taps and accesssories, inspired by oriental mosques with their impressive minarets.

Flowing softly, the body of the fixture and its outlet unfold in a harmoniously curved form. Minarets stylishly crown the handles,  which are adorned with rosettes – across the entire bathroom range, from washbasin and bathtub, to shower and bidet taps.

A wide range of accessories pick up on the decorative form language, throughout. Exclusive and precisely hand-worked surfaces lend perfect harmony to the oriental stye of the bathroom.


Finishes refine taps and accessories harmoniously and in the correct style. The final polish gives the design its indiviuality and exclusivity. Only the finest materials, worked by hand by specialist craftsmen in Germany, are used in the sophisticated surfaces. Every finish gives the style of the bathroom an additional, emotional impulse - from stylish or elegant to warm or antique. An extraordinary range of twelve different surfaces create a distinctive, authentic finish.
chrome 000
mink 095
platinum 065
sunshine 040
bronce 011
gold 020
mink mat 096
mink mat
sunshine mat 041
sunshine mat
platinum mat 066
platinum mat
chrome/gold 002
mink/gold 952
platinum/gold 652

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