The new “Eleven” collection of taps by Jörger combines high quality with a sleek, cleverly composed design and features a wide range of solutions for the individual design of bathrooms and guest bathrooms.

Inspired by the image of the archer, the modern "Eleven" design is virtuously playing with the geometry of opposites. The bow, the diagonal, and the straight line form the compositional triad here, offering clear, dynamically rounded shapes in an exciting balance with straight lines. Light and delicately constructed, the lever handle provides a rising counterpoint. The diagonal refers to the arrow while the design gives this fitting its light, dynamic and positive appearance.

"Eleven" is the new, eleventh bathroom collection designed by Oliver Jörger. Its exciting design can be found throughout the comprehensive range of washbasins, tubs, showers, and bidets, and has been implemented in every accessory.

The variety of handmade surfaces in polished or matt finish is the basis for various design styles. They lend the bathroom a unique character and ensure a distinctive ambience – from sleek to luxurious. The “Eleven” series offers a total of 24 high-quality finish designs.

Eleven – Surfaces and Finishes

Eleven - chrome - .000
Eleven - mink - .095
Eleven - platinum - .065
Eleven - sunshine - .040
Eleven - bronze - .011
Eleven - gold - .020
Eleven - gold matt - .021
gold matt
Eleven - mink matt - .096
mink matt
Eleven - satin nickel - .036
satin nickel
Eleven - polished nickel - .035
polished nickel
Eleven - sunshine matt - .041
sunshine matt
Eleven - platinum matt - .066
platinum matt
Eleven - rose gold - .022
rose gold
Eleven - rose gold matt - .023
rose gold matt
Eleven - black matt - .092
black matt
Eleven - white matt - .052
white matt
Eleven - azure matt - .079
azure matt
Eleven - turquoise matt - .076
turquoise matt
Eleven - apple green matt - .063
apple green matt
Eleven - yellow matt - .091
yellow matt
Eleven - pink matt - .081
pink matt
Eleven - purple matt - .084
purple matt
Eleven - red matt - .082
red matt
Eleven - orange matt - .093
orange matt

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