September 22, 2022

Classical elegance meets “Belledor” in mother-of-pearl magic – the new bathroom inspiration by Jörger Design

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The new classical Jörger Design bathroom design entices with great elegance, modern style, and masterful balance. Restrained, tasteful colouration, strict symmetry of forms, and organic shapes inspired by nature merge in beautiful interaction. As a true jewel, “Belledor” in polished nickel with porcelain handles is shining in a mother-of-pearl look.

Jörger’s suggestion for a contemporary, classical, and elegant bathroom presents itself in a charming, balanced, and extraordinarily tasteful manner. We’re not exaggerating by saying that the team around and with Oliver Jörger has once again achieved a perfect and refined synthesis of the arts: Among a classically symmetrical presentation of space, “Belledor” is shining elegantly in exclusive polished nickel. Its almost spherical, blossom-shaped handles in a mother-of-pearl look give it a slightly playful and romantic sensuality.

Première for “Belledor” in polished nickel with mother-of-pearl magic

Jörger’s new classical bathroom design presents “Belledor” in polished nickel in the innovative “Mother-of-Pearl” design. The beautiful porcelain handle in the shape of a still-closed lotus blossom, the unmistakable feature of the classically elegant collection, appears refined in the sophisticated, shimmering mother-of-pearl look. Combined with the gently glossy polished nickel surface, it creates a feast for the senses with a slightly romantic flair – away from the mainstream.

The decorative handles are produced exclusively by Fürstenberg, a globally leading manufacturer of refined manufactory porcelain. The extraordinarily refined jewellery design of the “Mother of Pearl” edition is produced based on an innovative and cutting-edge technical PVD finishing method.

The range of new classicism and elegance in the bathroom by Jörger Design

“Classic & elegant” is one of the four style and experience worlds offered by Jörger Design to live up to the preferences and tastes of different cultures around the world. The new bathroom design with “Belledor” in polished nickel with porcelain handles in a refined mother-of-pearl look certainly represents this design style. At the same time, however, the new creation is a clear statement of contemporary interpretation of the classic style as the epitome of luxury, value, and elegance without losing sight of trends.

A strong combination for a classic style: Refined cashmere brown and matt white

Refined textures, colours, and materials give the bathroom interior its atmospheric visual weight: The shower’s white marble exudes classical elegance with a hint of luxury. The symmetrical design of the washbasin area with its light-coloured, exclusive wall panelling is another classical element.

The refined cashmere brown of the wall panelling in the bath tub and toilet area, combined with the beautiful matt white of the “The New Classic” bathroom ceramics by Laufen amazes the onlooker.

Shapes, lines, and the interaction of geometries

Shapes and lines are playing a major role in the classical bathroom design with “Belledor”, just as colours do. Straight lines, right angles, and square shapes are combined with shapes characterised by softer, slightly curved, and almost feminine strokes.

The central example for this is the washbasin area with the washbasin furniture and mirror by Milldue. The countertop washbasin with the elegant “Belledor” and its spherical handles has a softer appearance in an inspired counterpoint to this.

Another example is the oval “The New Classic” bath tub by Laufen in front of the wall panelling with decorative strips in a refined cashmere brown.

The new classical bathroom design with “Belledor” by Jörger Design – products and manufacturers

The best of the best – this principle is true for the new “Belledor” bathroom design as well. It applies to every single interior element that is essential by virtue of appearing in it:

Discover the “Belledor – Mother-of-Pearl” edition – links to more information can be found on the Jörger website

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