September 26, 2018

„Delphi Deco“ – The Magic of Crystals

3 hole WB Delphi Deco gold

The range of fittings and accessories revives the style of the glamorous era of "Art Deco"

The era of "Art Deco" was born during a period of artistic transformation in the early 20th century. It is not characterized by unique stylistic features, but rather by the creative combination of elegant forms, precious materials, intensity of colors and surfaces and the sensuality of the subject matter. This style epoch stands for luxury and elegance.

The "Delphi Deco" series pays homage to the "Art Déco" era. The soft, organic design of the various fittings and accessories components defines the classic look in a modern way. White glass elements in the accessories complete the timeless "classic-modern" look.

As a decorative element, crystals have created a centuries-old tradition by reflecting the peculiarities of each age. The beauty lies in the detail. High-quality cut crystals of impeccable grade adorn all handles of the series "Delphi Deco". Each of them bears the Swarovski logo. Especially the combination of golden surface and black crystals is fascinatingly impressive and serves as a symbol of the "Art Déco" era.

Demanding customers with a pronounced sense of style will appreciate the collection with its choice of 14 high-quality surfaces and the luxurious crystal handles in clear and black versions.

Surfaces refine fittings and accessories stylishly and harmoniously. With the finishing touch, the design gets its individuality and exclusivity. Only the finest materials, which are processed by hand by specialists in factories in Germany, are used for the high-quality finish. Each surface also gives the style in the bathroom an emotional expression - from matter-of-fact or elegant to warm or antique. An exceptionally wide range of twelve different surfaces is available for unmistakable, authentic finishing.


Delphi Deco chrome Kopie5 Delphi Deco chrome gold Kopie3 Delphi Deco nerz Kopie4 Delphi Deco Silbernickel Kopie3
chrome (.000) chrome/gold (.002) mink (.095) polished nickel (.035)
Delphi Deco edelmessing Kopie5 Delphi Deco nickel matt Kopie3 Delphi Deco nerz matt Kopie3 Delphi Deco edelmessing matt Kopie3
sunshine (.040) satin nickel (.036) mink matt (.096) sunshine matt (.041)
Delphi Deco nerz gold Kopie3 Delphi Deco platin Kopie4 Delphi Deco platin gold Kopie3 Delphi Deco platin matt Kopie3
mink/gold (.952) platinum (.065) platinum/gold (.652) platinum matt (.066)
Delphi Deco bronce Kopie4 Delphi Deco gold Kopie4    
bronce (.011) gold (.020)    


The "Delphi Deco" range of fittings and accessories sets exclusive accents in the modern bathroom furnishings, reviving the glamour and luxury of bygone days.

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