September 14, 2023

Elegance, Sophistication, Style – Jörger Design is Staging “Valencia” with Palissandro Blue in a New Dimension of Luxury Bathrooms

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With a charming atmosphere, refined forms, and elegant in every detail: Jörger Design presents its most recent bathroom design, with “Valencia” in polished nickel with Palissandro Blue celebrating its brilliant première. A design experience – or, in other words: The milestone story of the “Valencia” gemstone edition from Jörger is continuing spectacularly.

So far, six gemstones have been available as particularly luxurious design options for the fitting handles of this exclusive “Valencia” series by Jörger: labradorite, malachite, black marble, violet amethyst, blue aventurine, and white turquoise. The Mannheim company has successfully presented each and every single one of these precious natural stones with a unique, aesthetic bathroom design in a carefully selected combination with the company’s surfaces and finishes.

This unique design story is now continuing. Jörger presents a bathroom design that puts the new, extremely elegant jewellery design of “Valencia” in polished nickel with Palissandro Blue in the limelight in a sensational and groundbreaking manner.

A Rare Beauty and Luxury – “Valencia” in Polished Nickel with Palissandro Blue

Exclusive polished nickel by Jörger Design meets refined Italian marble – Palissandro Blue is the new “Valencia” gemstone. The blue-grey natural stone and refined silver finish merge perfectly into a relaxed noble and very, very elegant whole.

The Rare Italian Marble Beauty Called Palissandro Blue

Palissandro Blue is a rare-multi-coloured marble mined only in a single location in Northern Italy. The stone has a pearly-grey to pearly blue surface shot through with beige-golden, graphite-grey, peach, or pink veins. Inclusions of quartz and rare elements make the luxurious marble shimmer slightly under incident light.

Palissandro marble is extraordinarily resistant to external influences and will absorb only little moisture. This makes it outstandingly suitable for use in the bathroom.

Spirit of the Time, Elegance, and Sophistication – the “Valencia” Stage in Polished Nickel with Palissandro Blue

The most important bathroom trends of 2023 are revolving around creation of a wellness oasis in one’s own home. The stuff dreams are made of involves smooth marble surfaces, luxurious fittings, bold statements pieces, and high-tech amenities.

Jörger’s new bathroom design bears witness to this more than any other. High quality is underlying every aspect: elegance and sophistication are expressed in the high-quality materials, pieces of furniture with elegant lines, and the luxurious and exclusive overall appearance of the room.

Congenial Interaction between Jörger Design and Milldue

Jörger Design has gone looking for inspiration for the perfect presentation of its exclusive “Valencia” series in polished nickel with Palissandro Blue in a designer bathroom. In the end, Milldue turned out to be a congenial partner. The Italian manufacturer’s “Hilton 05” collection of luxurious bathroom furniture plays a vital role in Jörger’s bathroom design.

Jörger’s Luxury Bathroom with “Valencia” in Polished Nickel with Palissandro Blue – Products and Manufacturers

Selection creates elegance. Jörger’s creative team has equipped the luxurious bathroom with the following designer products:

Jörger’s Bathroom Design with “Valencia” in Polished Nickel with Palissandro – Picture Gallery Online

The picture gallery for these news presents the luxurious bathroom in an illustrative and informative manner with 12 selected, beautiful pictures with captions.

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