May 16, 2018


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Mr Oliver Jörger, Managing Director of JÖRGER Armaturenen- & Accessoires Fabrik GmbH, visited a wide variety of business partners in April in China with our Chinese sales representative.

In addition to great business appointments, during which various projects were discussed and the business relationship between the individual partners and JÖRGER was intensified, we also took part in 2 great events, during which we met architects and designers.

  1. stage          Shenzhen  - Shenzhen Hecheng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

  2. stage          Ningbo – Ningbo Kunting Trading Co., Ltd.

    Together with our business partner Ningbo Kunting Trading Co., Ltd. we invited architects and designers to present the JÖRGER products.

    Ningbo Kunting Trading Co., Ltd., represents the JÖRGER products in harmoniously decorated bathroom exhibitions as well as great sample stands on which our noble fittings are presented.

  3. stage          Shanghai – Shanghai BauM Building Material Co., Ltd

  4. stage          Shenyang / Dalian

    JÖRGER Design Salon (Shenyang) & Designer Cocktail Party

    Approximately 20 designers and architects have been invited to discuss the theme

         Bathroom yesterday – today - tomorrow

    from the manufacturer's point of view. It was a great and, above all, inspiring event that allowed a variety of different areas to come together. Design - Technology - Consumer.18.04.2018 

  5. stage          Beijing – Beijing The Winner Business & Trading Co. Ltd.

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