July 21, 2022

Puristic luxury of great elegance – Jörger Design presents “Empire Royal Crystal” in satin nickel with matt black crystal handles

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Unique, noble and extraordinary: Jörger, the designer and manufacturer of high-quality bathroom fittings, sets the scene for his exclusive “Empire Royal Crystal” collection in a confident and tasteful way with this novel design proposal. Marvel at a work of art of pure grace, understated luxury and subtle sensuality.

“Luxury & Avant-garde” is the name of one of the four worlds of style and experience that Jörger Design offers, thus meeting the preferences and tastes of different cultures all around the world. The new bathroom design with “Empire Royal Crystal” in satin nickel and matt black crystal handles undoubtedly represents this design style. At the same time, however, the new creation represents a clear commitment to a refined, modern bathroom aesthetic that interprets luxury in a creative and contemporary way.

“Empire Royal Crystal” – downscaled design meets crystal décor

The pyramid shape served as inspiration for the characteristic design of “Empire Royal Crystal” by Oliver Jörger. The handles made of high-quality cut crystals are the trademark of the collection. Their particularly decorative effect unfolds in the exciting interaction with the puristically understated fitting design, most notably in the aesthetically shaped spout. The graceful, wide arch that emerges from a square rosette is unmistakable. As a whole, a picture of unique grace. The expression and impression of the fitting shape transform depending on the choice and combination of finish and crystal colour.

“Empire Royal Crystal” in satin nickel with crystal handles in matt black

It was no coincidence that the Jörger creative team introduced the new colour of black matt for the beautifully shaped crystal handles into their colour range not so long ago: Black is a mega trend in bathroom designs and an absolute eye-catcher, especially in a matt finish. The “Empire Royal Crystal” crystal handles look particularly elegant in the trend colour and create an air of puristic luxury and great elegance.

Especially in combination with the selected surface: “Empire Royal Crystal” gleams with elegance in satin nickel. The innovative surface exudes an aura of exclusiveness. Its precious, satin tone flatters the eye.

Combined, they look simply gorgeous and lend the puristic elegance of “Empire Royal Crystal” its discreetly luxurious expression, not to mention its chic and special charm.

The overall impression

Noble! This is how the overall impression could be summed up. The design of the fittings, their lines and shapes, the surfaces shimmering like satin, the colour combinations and the very high-quality materials used throughout the bathroom fittings reflect this nobility. The bright wall design with a slightly frosted shimmer lends a touch of “modern glamour”.

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