May 24, 2018


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What could be better than relaxing from everyday life in your own shower? Overhead shower fixtures with their sparkling effervescent shower enliven the body and mind alike and thus create an all-round feel-good effect.

The people spend an average of eleven minutes under the shower, which is significantly longer than a few years ago. Today, showering is no longer solely about personal hygiene, but rather about making a quantum of life enjoyable.

Showering becomes a special wellness experience under the rainfall showerhead made of refined stainless steel. The water in its natural form patters gently from the square rain shower, itself presented in a clear design. Two sizes offer ideal spa enjoyment for every bathroom.

The highlight is the innovative rainfall showerhead made from two millimeters of thin stainless steel. Sophisticated technology allows the water to flow evenly out of the nozzles, thus ensuring maximum showering comfort. The 610 by 610 millimeter element is divided into five segments, which can be selected separately depending on the desired flow intensity.


This rainheaven is also available with an atomizer jet typ.


The well-being effect is multiplied by the optional lighting effects.

For complete emotional and mental relaxation under the shower, Jörger uses a further, "secret" Componenet - the art of color therapy. Some shads enliven and tone, others have a calming effect.

Rain heaven - body zones and chromotherapy

encourages enlightenment and spiritual awakening

encourages communication and knowledge

is associated with clarity and wisdom. Yellow is a sensory stimulant.

In the middle of the color spectrum, green stands for balance and serenity

encourages enjoyment and excitement

encourages energy, empowerment and stimulation of the mind

Is the color of peace and silence, encouraging control over selfishness and conscience

Chromotherapy (12-color light therapy) has a positive influence on the energy flow of the human body and the psyche. Ideal for regenerating after a hard day at work and to regain inner balance.


Technical Data:

To control the shower panel with three water inlet zones and a fog function, we recommend a 3/4-inch thermostat and a flush-mounted module with three shut-off valves.

Another advantage of the rainfall showerhead is that the complete assembly set is included upon purchase and it is not necessary to mount the separate items. All parts can be ordered under one single item number.

The rainfall showerhead, with accessories and bathroom fittings, is compatible with all JÖRGER product lines (from modern to avant-garde) and, thanks to the ultra-thin housing (2 mm thick), can be fitted into rooms of any size. Robust stainless steel housing, strong fasteners, anti-limescale system guarantee longevity, comfort and absolute reliability.

For easy installation, you will find a detailed installation video on our homepage.

At the same time, the throughputo of a head of 3 bar on the outer circumference is 27 liters, on the inside 18 and up to 30 liters on the total area of the ceiling plate.

The optional atomizer provides the effect of a light, gently enveloping mist at a rate of up to 3 liters per minute.


      Flow rate (I/min) at pressure (bar)
Article-No. Description Description II 3 4 5
649.14.640 Rain heaven showerhead 610 x 610 mm central showerhead 18,0 23,3 26,2
    external showerhead 26,6 33,2 38,0
    all showerheads 30,0 37,0 40,0
    spray mist 2,9 3,3 3,7
649.14.645 Rain heaven showerhead 610 x 610 mm LED central showerhead 18,0 23,3 26,2
    external showerhead 26,6 33,2 37,0
    all showerheads 30,0 37,0 40,0
    spray mist 2,9 3,3 3,7


Variety of Colors:

11 exclusive, hand-finished surfaces harmoniously round off the style of the bathroom furnishings and thus complement the exclusive armatures collections across all series.


 Colours varioty

Jörger products turn every shower area into a wellness oasis with a spa experience.

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