October 3, 2016

Free-standing bathtub allows for flexible interior design

Free-standing bathtub allows for flexible interior design

Traditionally, free-standing bathtubs belong to the „good old times“ when there were no installable systems. As water pipes began disappear into the walls and bathrooms became smaller, the bathtub was banished to the corners - where it can mostly still be found today.

Positive trend: Free-standing bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular. Flexible positioning of the bathtub, removed from the the strict layout of the bathroom, represents an exclusive form of individual bathroom design. With the new free-standing bathtub fittings of the „Turn“, „Empire Royal“, „Charleston Royal“ and “Acubo“ series, Jörger is offering the customer a diverse selection of design fittings for flexible installation and a very special bathing experience.

The high-quality standing fittings form a unit of water outlet, control element and hand shower, allowing flexible, individual positioning of the bathtub. It is an independent solution and an eyecatcher that quickly becomes the center of attention in the bathroom.

For maximum flexibility in the design, certain structural provisions must be made before the dream bathroom can become reality. Please consult your local sanitary specialist before planning.


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