March 22, 2019



New range of fittings combines modern design with valuable porcelain in craftsmanship

Mannheim/Frankfurt. How do you express 110 years of tradition and craftsmanship in a range of fittings and accessories? By style-formingly combining design and value. Jörger has achieved this with the new „Belledor“ range: classic timeless fitting design matched with elegant porcelain handles.

It is the centuries-old tradition and the preciousness of the material that inspired Oliver Jörger to develop this exclusive collection on the occasion of the 110th anniversary. Exquisite porcelain, formerly also known as „white gold“, was a luxury product that only mansions and the upper class could afford. This changed with industrialization and the possibilities of machine manufacturing. Nevertheless, this material has never lost its appeal.

In his research Oliver Jörger came across a collection of the Fürstenberg Manufactory from the year 1780, the lid of which is adorned by a graceful blossom. With the idea to bring out a new handle made from the timeless, luxurious porcelain material, Jörger turned to the traditional manufacturer. „It was clear to us from the start that we would only be able to carry out  his project with a specialist who works with the same enthusiasm and precision as we do,“ says Oliver Jörger. This is how the extraordinary cooperation with the brand manufacturer Fürstenberg was born, a company which has been producing continuously since 1747  until today.

With the creation of the series „Belledor“ this noble material is placed in the focus of the bathroom fittings. The clear, puristically curved spout of the mixer contrasts in a special way with the elaborate flower-shaped handles, optionally made of white or black porcelain. As an attractive variation, the handles are also offered with gold embellished inner contours. These are hand painted with 24ct gold. The exclusivity of the product is completed by the Fürstenberg logo, in 24-carat gold.

The elegant Belledor series of fittings convinces above all in a modern bathroom ambience with a classic touch. Design compliant accessories complete the style appropriate features. The comprehensive bathroom range for washbasin, bath, shower and bidet with single-lever mixer and two-handle fittings has been implemented throughout the design of the line.

The surface finishes are available in chrome, platinum, matte platinum, precious brass, matte brass, bronze, mink, gold, rose gold, bronze, silver nickel, matt nickel, matt black and matt white. Handles are available in white, black, white with hand-painted gold ornaments and black with hand-painted gold ornament.


Belledor Komplettes Badezimmer Platin
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Belledor Unterputz Duschloesung Platin
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Belledor WC Bereich inkl
Bild 3 jpg 1.7 MB Download
Belledor Waschtisch 3 Loch Platin2
Bild 4 jpg 743 KB Download
Belledor Waschtisch 3 Loch Edelmessing3
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Belledor Badewannenarmatur freistehend Platin
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63110340000 31 Seitenrandventil kalt Serie Belledor black
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63110340000 31 Seitenrandventil kalt Serie Belledor black gold
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63110340000 31 Seitenrandventil kalt Serie Belledor white
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63110340000 31 Seitenrandventil kalt Serie Belledor white gold
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