July 1, 2014

„Delphi Deco“ – The Magic of Crystals

„Delphi Deco“ – The Magic of Crystals

The „Art Déco“ era began in a period of artistic transition at the start of the 20th century. It was not particularly characterized by a specific style, but moreover by the creative combination of elegant forms, valuable materials, intensity of colours and surfaces and the sensuality of the subject. This era represents luxury and elegance.

The „Delphi Deco“ range developed by the long-established company Jörger in 2010, is a tribute to the „Art Déco“ time. The soft, organic design of the various fittings and accessory components defines the classic impression in a modern way. Discerning customers with a fine eye for style will most certainly appreciate the collection with its high quality surface, in chrome, brass or gold. (10 different surfaces are available) and the luxurious crystal handles in a clear design, or also currently available in black.

Crystals have a centuries old tradition as a form of jewellery. Designed to mirror the special atmosphere of each era. The beauty lies in the detail. Flawless crystals polished to an extremely high quality adorn every handle element of the „Delphi Deco“ range. Each one is provided with the Swarovski logo. It is exactly this combination of gold surface and black crystals that will impress and fascinate and which represents the ideology of the „Art Déco“ era.

The „Delphi Deco“ range of fittings and accessories sets an exclusive accent in modern bathroom furnishings and revives the glamour and luxury of past times.


PM Delphi Deco 1 Hand WT DDeco HR
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PM Delphi Deco 3 Loch WT DDeco HR
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PM Delphi Deco AP WFB DDeco HR
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