March 22, 2019



Modern fine finish exudes elegance and understated luxury

Highly desired as jewelery, the precious metal color rosé gold continues its triumphal procession and finds its way into the bathroom. The luxurious exterior turns fittings and accessories into pieces of jewelery with an elegant flair.

For the ISH 2019, Jörger is including this warm color in its extensive surface assortment. Whether as a glossy version or with a matte finish, the gentle, feminine feel gives each fitting an individual touch.

The value of the material lies in the high gold content. in contrast to pink gold, the copper content is lower here. Jörger processes 18-carat gold when making the color. In surface refinement, careful design and thickness of the surface layer are crucial for the quality and durability of the fixtures and accessories. The crowning finish is a special varnish, which offers comprehensive protection against scratches and color changes. The essential steps are still carried out by hand. This is what defines the high quality of products, „Made by Jörger“.

Customizing is one of Jörger‘s greatest advantages. This enables the creation of an individual, holistic experience in the bathroom. The refinement of the fittings can be found both in the accessories as well as the color adjustments of other brands. All metal parts can be adapted to the surface of the fittings to create a harmonious ambience.

Whether fittings, accessories or spare parts, all components are available in the new color. And in order to achieve a stylish and harmonious overall picture, on customer request, at Jörger even products from other producers can be provided in the new color.


Industrieloft Bad v18
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Industriel0ft Bad v24 toilettensituation
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Industrieloft Bad v20 Dusche
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Industrieloft Bad v18 Wanne neu
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Industrieloft Bad v21 Waschtisch
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