June 18, 2020

The current Jörger colour chart 2020

The current Jörger colour chart 2020

For more than 110 years now, JÖRGER has consistently offered products that perfectly fulfil the customer’s search for individuality. This is because discerning customers expect bathroom solutions that are unique in their choice of materials, style and decoration.

The task of the bathroom planner here is to use different surfaces to add accents. Another common challenge is to combine products from different manufacturers in a harmonious way.

For this, JÖRGER produces the perfect taps and accessories in a variety of colours and designs for a whole range of design styles, so you’re sure to find the right colour scheme to match the individual needs of your bathroom.

Special attention is given here to offering even more minor parts with matching surfaces such as angle valves and drain sets.

With the continuous updating and expansion of its range of surface colours, the design manufactory sets and takes into account current and new trends.

The current JÖRGER colour chart 2020

There are currently 20 surfaces on offer for all JÖRGER series:

  • 13 electroplated surfaces
    Chrome, mink, matt mink, polished nickel, matt nickel, sunshine, matt sunshine, gold, antique gold, platinum, matt platinum, rose gold, matt rose gold
  • 7 powder coatings
    Candy violet, copper bronze, matt black, matt white, black relief and bronze

Each of these surfaces is depicted in the colour chart as plate, which has a smooth as well as a fluted surface. With this, the product’s appearance can be optimised to best suit the respective series’ design and surface structure.

20 colour options are presented in two colour charts, which we offer for a price of 102.00 euros each under the article numbers listed below:

  • FARBCHART01  102,00  EUR               
  • FARBCHART02  102,00 EUR

Interesting facts about surfaces and finishes.


Bild 1 jpg 144 KB Download
Bild 2 jpg 143 KB Download
4.Edelmessing matt
Bild 3 jpg 178 KB Download
Bild 4 jpg 178 KB Download
Bild 5 jpg 151 KB Download
6.platin matt
Bild 6 jpg 138 KB Download
7.alt gold
Bild 7 jpg 158 KB Download
Bild 8 jpg 157 KB Download
11.rose gold matt
Bild 9 jpg 168 KB Download
12.rose gold
Bild 10 jpg 179 KB Download
Bild 11 jpg 144 KB Download
14.Silbernickel matt
Bild 12 jpg 141 KB Download
Bild 13 jpg 139 KB Download
16.Nerz matt
Bild 14 jpg 144 KB Download
16.schwarz matt
Bild 15 jpg 107 KB Download
17.weiß matt
Bild 16 jpg 94 KB Download
22.relief schwarz
Bild 17 jpg 152 KB Download

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