December 2, 2020

Jörger’s “Exal” shines in eight bright, new color variations and is as quiet as the rustling of leaves

Jörger, Design, Exal, modern, minimalistic, dynamic form, washbasin tap in chrome

The Mannheim designer and manufacturer of high-quality bathroom fittings and accessories has expanded its latest collection “Exal”, which has now also been certified by TÜV.

With its clear, flowing design and diverse, innovative color palette, the fittings and accessories series “Exal” from the design manufacturer Jörger is quite impressive.

The elegance of the crane in flight inspired Oliver Jörger to create the modern design of the series: the shape with the curved spout gives the bathroom fitting its dynamic style.

The design runs through the extensive and steadily growing range of washbasins, bathtubs, showers, in exposed and concealed variations, as well as bidets, and can also be found in all accessories.

The “Exal” series is situated – depending on choice of surface - in the middle to upper price segment.

New Range of Colors: “Exal” is now available in 27 different surface finishes

27 different color worlds are currently available; giving the bathroom an individual character and innovative ambience: from modern and minimalist to classic and elegant to luxurious and avant-garde.

The eight newly added young and bright colors - azure matt, apple green matt, purple matt, pink matt, turquoise matt, red matt, orange matt and yellow matt - spice up the color spectrum of “Exal” and open up almost unlimited possibilities for individual bathroom designs.

The diverse and innovative range of colors and surfaces applies to all fittings and associated accessories.

Sound of Silence: Noise Class I for “Exal”

The “Exal” series of fittings is not only characterized by its appearance and functionality. Its inner values are also very convincing.

TüV certified since the summer of 2020, the 1-lever basin mixer from the “Exal” series fulfills the requirements of noise class I. According to the definition, fittings in this noise class develop a maximum noise level of 20 decibels at a normal water pressure of three bar. It’s as quiet as the rustling of leaves.

Design Classic par excellence: “Exal” in a modern matt black

A design classic, comparable to the “little black dress” in fashion, is again very much in vogue and complements the “Exal” series particularly well: the matt black surface.
It underlines the elegance and sophistication of the expressive shape of the fittings, the striking and at the same time noble profile of all “Exal” components. Together they create a modern and exclusive ambience in luxury bathrooms of the highest level.

Accessories such as angle valves and siphons, which Jörger also finishes at the customer’s request, also contribute to the perfectly coordinated overall impression. This not only applies to the company’s own extensive range of accessories, but also to the products of other manufacturers.

A new brochure on "Exal" in trendy matt black is available for download on the Jörger website (PDF 1,2 MB).

Timeless, classic, elegant and combinable: “Exal” in Chrome

The timeless classic among surfaces is chrome. Chrome is chrome: the surface always looks the stylish, making chrome elements from other manufacturers easily combinable with “Exal” fittings and accessories.

Refined Surface Finishes: Customizing is highlighted at Jörger

The unmistakable design distinguishes every Jörger product, but the different surfaces make them unique. The diverse and innovative range can be expanded with additional surfaces upon special customer request. For example, “Exal” fittings and accessories are available in all RAL colors.

At Jörger, customizing also means that all metallic parts of the surface of the fitting can be adapted. In this way, individual and holistic atmospheres can be created upon customer request.

Metal instead of Plastic – Also for the hand showers from the “Exal” series

The design manufacturer Jörger highlights quality throughout. High quality materials are their trademark. As an alternative to the hand shower with adjustable jet types, a metal hand shower is also available for the tub and shower area. It goes without saying that these are equipped with an anti-limescale system, thus providing long-lasting pleasure.

“Exal” combines design and functionality

The 1-lever mixer is a key element of the “Exal” series and impresses with its sophisticated design and functionality:

  • The pleasant projection of 153 mm and height of 160 mm make it very convenient to use.
  • With the aerator’s adjustable angle the jet can be optimally adapted to the wash basin.
  • Energy saving – The standard position of the lever set completely to cold water and allows for energy saving use with most applications.
  • The ceramic cartridge - independent of pressure, simple to operate, low-noise.
  • Even details such as the side arrangement of the lever make sense. Due to the lateral water drainage, the body and spout remain cleaner for longer and do not require excessive maintenance.

The particularly practical alternative: “Exal” basin mixer, wall-mounted

The advantages of the wall-mounted washbasin fitting solution / lever mixer are obvious:

  • Splash water rarely or never reaches the fitting.
  • Requires less space than a free-standing mixer, so wash areas are shallower and there is more room to move.
  • Comfortable 1-lever operation.
  • Form language (design) is just as clear and flowing.

Trend-conscious and customer oriented: “Exal” accessories as wall and free-standing models

In order to meet the wishes and demands of customers and the current trends in bathroom design, Jörger has significantly expanded its range of accessories. Most of the “Exal” accessories such as glass holders, lotion dispensers and toilet brush sets are available not only as wall-mounted models, but also in a free-standing version to avoid drilling into the tiles.

The lotion dispenser as a wall model impresses with its simple filling option from above, actuation from below and an ideal dosage of 0.5 ml per stroke. So, you can easily take the right amount of soap lotion with just one hand. It couldn’t be more hygienic. More about the series "Exal".

Updated, corrected version of the press release of 23 November 2020


Joy of tradition and innovation since 1909. JÖRGER Armaturen- und Accessoiresfabrik GmbH, based in Mannheim, was founded in 1909. Oliver Jörger is the fourth generation to run the international family business. As a designer, he has been personally responsible for the Jörger design for over 20 years.

Design und Manufacturing. Outstanding design and highest-quality, handcrafted production in Germany characterize the company's values.

The Aesthetic Bathroom. As a manufacturer of exquisite bathroom fittings and accessories, Jörger designs and develops all-round concepts. Together with fittings and accessories for wash basins, showers, WC / bidet and bath tub, Jörger collections form a completed work of art.

Design Worlds. The program includes a variety of very different worlds of style and experience: “modern and minimalist”, “classic and elegant”, “luxurious and avant-garde” and “romantic and nostalgic”. In this way, the design manufacturer meets the preferences and tastes of different cultures around the world.



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Jörger, Design, Exal, modern, minimalistic, dynamic form, washbasin tap in chrome
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Jörger, Design, Exal, modern, minimalistic, surface, finish, black matt, classical, design  fittings #accessories, trend, lifestyle
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Jörger, Design, Exal in black matt in the bathroom area of toilet and bidet with toilet paper roll holder, toilet brush holder set, single lever bidet mixer and towel ring.
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Cover of the new brochure for the Exal series in matt black as download (PDF 1.2 MB). The picture shows the washbasin fitting in matt black.
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Jörger, design, Exal, accessories,  soap dispenser, complete, wall version, hygienic, practical
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Jörger, Design, Exal, washbasin fitting, shown in the eight new bright colours: azure matt, apple green matt, purple matt, pink matt, turquoise matt, red matt, orange matt und yellow matt.
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