March 18, 2021

Jörger presents its new “Valencia” design with metal handles, introducing a trendy surface

 Jörger presents its new “Valencia” design with metal handles, introducing a trendy surface

Starting with the new look of the “Valencia” collection, characterised by fitting handles with metal inserts and the new matte gold finish, the designer and manufacturer of high-quality bathroom fittings and accessories from Mannheim – though not attending – is presenting a number of novelties for the ISH 2021.

It was the innovative and sophisticated interior design of modern, luxury automobiles which inspired designer Oliver Jörger to create the “Valencia” range of fittings and accessories. The extraordinary combination of three styles creates an outstanding and new trend in the bathroom, in very special, sophisticated quality.

The new design version offers a full-metal “Valencia” fitting handle

The luxurious design of “Valencia” with its black and snowy white crystals is as familiar as it is popular. Both versions are true ornaments fitted in a metal body with delicate corrugation.

The new design option relies entirely on metal. The integrated crystal has been replaced by a metal insert. In its raw state, it is made of the same brass material as the entire handle and can be finished in any of the Jörger in-house surfaces.

The new metal handles make “Valencia” more modern, more distinctive, and more masculine

The “Valencia” collection offers even greater style and design freedom for the bathroom with black of white crystal and the new metal insert.

The full-metal fitting handles drive home the industrial-design look, giving the refined and straight-lined “Valencia” series a more modern, distinctive, and masculine touch.

Monochromatic or in mix-and-match design

With its new option, “Valencia” can be designed in a fully monochromatic finish. Uniquely new mix-and-match combinations are imaginable and available as well, however. There is no limit to creativity and style ideas.

“Valencia” brings the new, trendy Jörger “matte gold” finish to the table for the first time

Aware of current trends, the Jörger design manufactory has expanded its finish offering by the warm metal shade “matte gold”, effectively introducing it as an essential design element.

“Valencia” appears entirely monochromatic in the new matte gold finish for the first time with these new metal handles. The matte finish has a much more modern feel than the previous gold one, interacting with the handles to produce a masculine sensuality.

“Matte gold” – the new galvanised surface in the Jörger range

Bathroom fittings produced in a matte gold appear warmer and less strict, as their surface feels more relaxed than one in glossy gold would.
Jörger’s matte gold is a galvanised surface, the finish resulting from 23-carat gold plating applied to a nickel base layer. The alloy components harden the surface with a yellow tint that is stronger than the one found in fine gold. The surface is then hand-brushed for a “living” finish, giving it its precious matte shade.

The new, attractive “Valencia” brochure with all 2021 novelties is now available for download

The design company is offering a new brochure for everyone looking for the latest overview of the “Valencia” collection with all its new additions. Available not only in German and English but also in Russian, it can be downloaded from the Jörger website now. 

Jörger is expanding its brochure offering, publishing leaflets for its 14 most important collections by Mid-2021.

Skipping the ISH 2021

Jörger will not be attending this year’s ISH. The family-owned company from Mannheim cancelled its participation in the trade fair last September due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

“We greatly regret that the trade fair cannot take place as usual. Like many other manufacturers from the industry, we are missing it greatly,” managing director Oliver Jörger comments on the situation, pointing out: “The digital format is a good and modern offer. However, it wasn’t an option for us in the end. We are already looking forward to the next ISH as an attendance event – and generally to a time when personal meetings and direct business contact on site will once again be possible.”

In order to compensate for the unpleasant situation, Jörger increasingly relies on its own online channels to draw attention to its upcoming new collection, new products, and range expansions. The dedicated website is pivotal here. Social media, first and foremost Instagram, Facebook, and the business portal LinkedIn, are important as well.

Learn more on the Jörger website

News from 18 March 2021: “The new ‘Valencia’ look brings modern elegance with a touch of masculine sensuality”
Service: “Valencia” brochure (PDF 5,9 MB) for download
Service: Information on the galvanised surfaces and finishes of Jörger – with care instructions

About Jörger

Joy of tradition and innovation since 1909. JÖRGER Armaturen- und Accessoiresfabrik GmbH, based in Mannheim, was founded in 1909. Oliver Jörger is the fourth generation to run the international family business. As a designer, he has been personally responsible for the Jörger design for over 20 years.

Design und Manufacturing. Outstanding design and highest-quality, handcrafted production in Germany characterize the company's values.

The Aesthetic Bathroom. As a manufacturer of exquisite bathroom fittings and accessories, Jörger designs and develops all-round concepts. Together with fittings and accessories for wash basins, showers, WC / bidet and bath tub, Jörger collections form a completed work of art.

Design Worlds. The program includes a variety of very different worlds of style and experience: “modern and minimalist”, “classic and elegant”, “luxurious and avant-garde” and “romantic and nostalgic”. In this way, the design manufacturer meets the preferences and tastes of different cultures around the world.


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JOERGER Serie Valencia in Gold matt mit Metallgriffen 2021
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JOERGER 4 Loch Wannenfuell und Brausebatterie Valencia in Gold matt mit Metallgriffen 2021
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JOERGER Unterputz Thermostat Unterputz Ventil Module Valencia in Gold matt mit Metallgriffen 2021
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JOERGER freistehende Waschtischarmatur XXL und Accessoires Valencia in Gold matt mit Metallgriffen 2021
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Valencia Broschuere Titelbild
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