November 4, 2013

Luxury with Tradition – Fascinating Crystals

Luxury with Tradition – Fascinating Crystals

A classically stylish bathroom conveys tradition and significance, by far outlasting today's ever-changing trends. With finely polished crystals, such as can be found in European castles and stately homes, the “Palazzo Crystal” range sets luxurious accents in modern bathroom furnishings and recalls images of past times full of splendour and luxury.

Embedded in the timeless, clear form of the fittings, the crystals with their diamond polish represent the central design element and excite through their magnificent light effect. They transform the collection to a jewel of the bathroom.

Oliver Jörger, designer of the range: “The collection unfolds its magic in a fascinating interaction of light and water”. Alongside the washbasin, the shower and bathtub fixtures each collection comes with a range of design conform accessories to further enhance the style of the bathroom and highlight an eye for detail.

All components are created from high-quality brass - water flow and temperature are controlled by sophisticated ceramic head parts. The collection is supplied in chrome, gold, bronze, platinum, platinum matt, sunshine or sunshine matt finishes.

Alongside these classical ranges Jörger is also well known for modern design collections, which distinguish themselves through straight lines and clear-cut body forms.


Palazzo 01
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Palazzo 03
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Palazzo 02
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