Upscale elegance with clarity of design

Jörger, Belledor, washbasin 3-hole mixer, gold (24 carat), porcelain handles

The special thing about the architect Irina Kuzina’s bathroom design is the choice of the colour concept that gives the bathroom such elegant appeal.

Dominating the entire space is a palette of colours consisting of discreet caramel and shades of gold, which is echoed in the furniture, walls and floors. But it is the details in pure white, such as the classic design of the countertop washbasins, the handles of the taps in the form of lotus blossoms, or the spherical lamps that produce such a special atmosphere of upscale elegance and purity.

Situated in the Russian city of Sochi on the Black Sea Coast, the room concept in this apartment was developed by an architecture firm under the direction of Irina Kuzina.

The architects have already designed dozens of projects for Russian and international clients, both private as well as public-sector.

The designs in her portfolio are individual and out of the ordinary, exactly like her customers. "Each individual is special, and so is each room.” For Irina Kuzina this has been a guiding principle of her work for more than 19 years, and is why she has prepared individual designs and exquisite accents for every bathroom in the apartment in Sotchi.

For one of these accents, Irina Kuzina has chosen the "Belledor" series by JÖRGER. What is special about this classic and timeless series of taps and accessories is the shapes it uses and the exclusive materials.

Irina Kuzina puts "Belledor" to use in the room concept “Upscale elegance in clear and timeless design”. The fitting is made of noble, matt shining precious brass. The discreet gold tone is echoed in other details of the interior concept, too, such as in the fixtures of the spherical wall lamps, or in the playful base structure of the upholstered stool, or in décor accessories such as vases, which contain arrangements of timeless flowers, like orchids. The artistically crafted, handmade handles of the tap, made of fine porcelain and shaped like lotus blossoms, in whose hand-painted rims gold-coloured accents can be found, bring the elegant design concept to perfection. More about the series "Belledor".

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