November 8, 2018

Surface Polished Nickel/ Satin Nickel

Kollage Silbernickel Nickel4


Individual design, sophisticated technology and a durable surface determine the quality characteristics of a fitting and ensure that it does not lose any of its attractiveness and functionality even after many years of use.

In addition to the protective and hygienic function, the surface still has a further special significance: it revives the design of the fitting. Coordinated with the modern or classic shape of the fitting, Jörger offers a variety of surfaces in addition to chrome, emphasizing the individual style of the fitting and offering scope for every taste

POLISHED NICKEL / SATIN NICKEL are two surfaces with exclusive charisma at an affordable price.

The innovative coating "polished nickel / satin nickel" is a wonderful alternative to the very costly surface platinum / platinum matt. Thus, the customer can remain true to his/her style / design and keep within budget.

POLISHED NICKEL - To increase the gloss level, nickel is first electrodeposited, followed by special bright nickel as a topcoat. Polished nickel is a warm but "living" surface.

SATIN NICKEL - The production basically takes place in the same way as with polished nickel. Before coating with bright nickel, the surface is brushed by hand to obtain its valuable, matte tone.

The coating is characterized in particular by its robust nature.

Surface finishing is a demanding production phase. Careful design and thickness of the surface layer are crucial for quality and longevity. In the company-owned factory in Mannheim essential work steps are still carried out by hand. This is what really determines the high quality of the products "Made by Jörger".

A big advantage of JÖRGER is the CUSTOMIZING. This means creating an individual, holistic experience space in the bathroom. The name Jörger stands for harmonious, coordinated design of fittings and accessories. The refinement of the fittings in general, can be found in the accessories but also, again, in the color adjustments of other brands. All metal parts can be adapted to the surface of the fittings to create a harmonious living space.

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