June 19, 2018


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Expressive bathroom ambience with a noble flair.

The innovative "mink and mink matt" coatings create an exceptionally emotional effect with their shiny / velvety anthracite color. Who does not think of the beautiful shimmering coats of the small predators that have always been a symbol of wealth and luxury. The extravagant finishes set striking accents in the bathroom design and are available for all fittings and accessories series.

MINK and MINK MATT are two surfaces with a luxurious look.

The coatings are characterized in particular by their robust nature.

MINK and MINK MATT are galvanic alloys with a hardness of approx. 700 VH. (Chromium between 800-1000 VH, VH = Vikershärte). Like precious brass, they are coated on the base layer of about 12mm nickel.

  • The reflectivity of the alloys are about 50% of that of the silver mirror.

  • The coatings ares absolutely tarnish-resistant and retains its luster eternally, comparatively even better than chrome on nickel with the same layer thickness

  • specially when exposed to chlorine, these coatings are far more resistant than a chrome precipitate. Cold concentrated nitric acid does not attack the coating; The same is true of other acid solutions, including organic acids, which do not attack the coating even for very long exposure times. The coatings are also absolutely resistant to all alkaline solutions. They are also not attacked by food or by high hydrogen sulphide atmospheres. The coatings are also resistant to strong other oxidizing agents, e.g. Hydrogen peroxide and ferric chloride, as well as persulfates and perchlorates. The surfaces are also extremely resistant to seawater, in contrast to chrome.

Stubborn impurities can be removed with the polish Simichrome. In addition, a wax protects the surface against staining.

Mink matt, however, is brushed by hand (and not polished) to give the surface its valuable, matte tone. Clean this surface with neutral soap and water. Use only a soft cloth. Wax - lightly sprayed but not rubbed in - protects the surface. Dab the surface dry rather than rubbing.

In addition to the protective and hygienic function, the surfaces still have a further special significance: they revive the design of the fitting. Coordinated with the modern or classic shape of the fitting, Jörger offers a variety of surfaces in addition to chrome, emphasizing the individual style of the fitting and offering scope for every taste.

Surface finishing is a demanding production phase. Careful design and thickness of the surface layer are crucial for quality and longevity. In the company-owned factory in Mannheim essential work steps are still carried out by hand. This is what defines the high quality of the products "Made by Jörger".

Individual design, sophisticated technology and a durable surface determine the quality characteristics of a fitting and ensure that it does not lose any of its attractiveness and functionality even after many years of use.

Further informations about the JÖRGER finishes and their cleanig, you will find here:



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