April 11, 2018


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Today, a modern, comfortable bathroom is not complete without concealed mounted fixtures.

To fulfil their own very high standards, we offer, in addition to the fixture models, an innovative concealed system based on the „Bluebox“ from Hansa.



This system has been designed along the lines of a plug and socket system. It is easy to mount and complements the safe and sophisticated design of fixtures, „made by Jörger“. The complete package is convincing in its optimally coordinated components, enabling simple mounting. With just one box system, a wide range of installation demands can be fulfilled and along with that, the diverse wishes of our customers. 


The advantages are clear:

  • The aesthetic nature of the bathroom design

Separating the operating elements from the mechanism allows the design of the fixture to shine through. The water flows from the tap naturally and stylishly, awakening moments of pure, emotional well-being.

  • Diverter

It is not carried out by pushing or pulling, but by a turning action. This prevents an emptying of the system in a system with head and hand showerhead.

  • Integration of a safety unit

Prevention of forming of legionella bacteria.

  • Outreach of the trim parts –compact design

in the area of the thermostat – Jörger has significantly reduced the trim parts for this universally functional unit. These are adapted, specifically for each series, to the design of the respective fixtures.

  • One concealed unit for all product series

For the universally applicable combination of flush-mounted installation box and functional unit, there are visible parts that are series-specifically matched to the respective fitting design.

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  •  Easy assembly

The conservatively designed carrier is easily connected with the technical basis

  • Additional comfort in the shower and bath tub

The functional space is increased by reducing the number of protruding elements, offering greater comfort at the washbasin and in the shower.

  • Cleaning becomes easier


Whether modern or classic, avant-garde or nostalgic – as a manufacturer of sophisticated bathroom fixtures, concealed mounted fixtures are available across the range of JÖRGER products.

Whether a single lever mixer or thermostatic unit, concealed box fixtures play a big part in the look and feel of the entire bathroom design.






More and more reaches us questions about functionality, installation, etc. about the “Bluebox”. Therefore, we created underneath mentioned FAQ´s.

Can the installation unit be mounted in any direction on the wall (rotation)?

The 649.40.360.000 installation unit can be mounted in the wall at any location.

Can square or round concealed collars be aligned later in 2 axes so that they are parallel to the tile edges?

Yes, by means of the unique adapter that comes as standard, the angle can be adjusted through ±3,6 degrees by rotation of the function unit. No incorrect setting should actually occur outside this wide rang

What scope do I have for the installation depth? Is the box also suitable for use in thin partitions?

By default, the wide range of 75 to 105mm is available, about accessories are 60 to 135mm possible

Is there an option to extend the installation units?

Yes, with the extension set 649.41.360.00 by 15 mm. A maximum of two extension sets can be used.

Can the cold/hot water inlets be swapped around?

Yes, with the conversion adapter 848.14.184.000, the hot and cold-water inlets can be replaced in all trim kits.

Can the top/bottom outlets be swapped around?

Yes, with the conversion adapter 848.14.184.000, the outlets can be replaced in all trim kits.

Does the use of a cold/hot water adapter affect the installation depth?

Yes, the adapter is inserted between the base plate and function unit and increases the installation height by 15 mm.

What is the mountign height for the valves with safety function?

With only 240 mm above the top of the tub, the mounting height is extremely low and gives you maximum flexibility 

A safety combination is required for baths with integrated inlet and drain. Are such safety combinations available and what is the installation height for these BLUEBOX fittings?

At only 240 mm above the basin edge, the installation height is very low and creates maximum flexibility

How can the BLUEBOX be reliably and easily aligned horizontally?

Alignment pins are mounted on the front of the box. These are designed to support a spirit level.

Does the diverter reset automatically?

As the new ceramic diverter operates independently of water pressure, it remains in its most recent position. This can be clearly identified, functions reliably with changing pressures and is practical to operate. By the way, the valve itself is identical to the diverter/volume control of the thermostat. Basically, this can be considered as a standard diverter/volume control.

What should be done when the UP unit is installed in the wall so that it is too “flat”?

In this case, the cover plate can be fitted with an extension. Article number for round cover plates (170 mm): 848.14.191.000. Article number for square cover plates (150 x 150): 848.14.192.000 The minimum possible installation depth is 60 mm.

If it possible to clear blockages, when drain and overflow fitting is connected with integrated bathtub spout during the first fix phase?

Yes, this option comes as standard and is integrated in the flushing and inspection port

Is it possible to adjust the water volume when the thermostat is shut off?

Yes, the valve is normally closed in the middle position. The water flow is opened and controlled by turning the valve. By the way, the valve itself is identical to the diverter and thus very easily maintained

How are the concealed collars fixed?

The new CLICK-System fixes the screw less concealed collar especially securely via six flush fixing points on the concealed collar mounting. This is directly bolted to the installation unit. This ensures secure fixing even over joints.

How can I connect the installation as simply as possible to the water supply?

The BLUEBOX can be easily aligned via the resting points for a spirit level,

I often find that I don’t have any more space between the wall and unit for installation and insulation of the pipes, is this a problem with HANSABLUEBOX?

The connections are deliberately mounted to the front so that installation is simplified and insulation according to standards can be easily implemented.

Why does the HANSABLUEBOX have a ceramic diverter? Are all products fitted with this diverter?

All BLUEBOX lever mixers or thermostats with diverters, volume control and combined volume control/diverter come with the new BLUESWITCH. The set function is clearly indicated and what is more the function is assured independently of pressure.

Is the material of the box easy to handle, for example for cutting to length?

The guide grooves in the installation range from 75 to 105mm facilitate precise cutting to length of the box and help visualize the installation adjustment range so that the installation height can be calculated.

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