October 16, 2018

JÖRGER Business Lunch in the studio of "Bomond" in Sotchi

Joerger Business Lunch in Sotchi III3

On 20th of September 2018, we welcomed, together with our Russian partner Hogart, interior designers and architects in the "Bomond" exhibition in Sotchi for a business lunch.

Over the rooftops of Sotchi, in an unconventional and leisurely round, Mrs. Julia Grekova, Jörg's representative for the CIS countries, presented our guests the inspiring JÖRGER's product series. But not only with our products we were able to inspire. The fact that since 1909, the family company has been investing all its passion into creating an individual and holistic experience in a harmonious bathroom, impressed everybody. The name Jörger stands for coordinated design in 4 different style directions (Modern & Minimalist, Classic & Elegant, Luxury & Avant-Gard, Romance & Nostalgia), in which form and function mould harmoniously and release the highest level of aesthetic style. Outstanding bathroom design and sustainable, manual production in Germany, characterize the highest standards among all Jörger products.


Our goal to create an atmosphere in which our guests can combine work and pleasure has been completely successful. With tasty food, they quickly came into conversation and could talk about various things.


Mrs. Julia Grekova "kidnapped" our guests into a world of luxurious JÖRGER bathroom fittings and was able to enchant them with our products.

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