November 8, 2018

JÖRGER conquers designers and architect’s scene in Yekaterinburg!

JOeRGER Business breakfast in Yekaterinburg on 2018 10 23 VIII

Our Russian partner Hogart once again organized a wonderful working meeting with designers and architects, where the philosophy and exclusive collections of the German fittings manufacturer JÖRGER were presented.

On October 23, 2018, in the exhibition of LIVING, a meeting was held with the leading architects and designers of the city of Yekaterinburg. The atmosphere was very special, as the LIVING company is located in the architectural landmark of Yekaterinburg - the center of ARCHITECTOR design. The meeting took place in a relaxed, creative atmosphere, complemented by a delicious German breakfast. This was prepared excellently by Tatyana Lesser, live on the spot.

After a delicious breakfast and nice talks, the guests retreated to the hall to follow the inspirational presentation of our Russian representative, Ms. Julia Grekova. In addition to the exclusive faucet collections, the guests also got to know the philosophy and traditions of Jörger - a German manufacturer with almost 110 years of company history.

But what was special about the meeting, not only Mrs. Julia Grekova presented the JÖRGER collections, but also some architects and designers presented three luxury collections, which aroused their interest.

On the one hand the modern but at the same time avant-garde collection "Turn". WINNER of the "PLUS X AWARD" 2014 in the areas of "Innovation" and "Best Product". The artistically wound form gives the fixture, „Turn“ its expressive, sculptural character and a high level of recognition.

The classic fittings and accessories series "Floral Crystal". They were fascinated by their bright crystals and the timeless flower shape.

And the product series "Aphrodite" was shown, which revives the beauty of Greek antiquity in the bathroom. The impressive, circular base bears a pillar, with a fluted design which closes with a snail shaped decoration.

It was great to see how the guests were more and more impressed by our collections. On the one hand, they were convinced by the very high quality "Made in Germany" but also by the "jewelery-like" unique fittings collections, which have an extraordinary aesthetic.

After an inspiring and diverse question and answer session, the great morning ended for everyone with positive feedback. The guests were so enthusiastic that they definitely want to include the JÖRGER collections in their next projects.

We are looking forward to the next meeting!

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