June 9, 2022

Oliver Jörger back in the USA – chronicle of a business trip on the road to success

Titelbild Joerger Oliver Joerger business trip trip to California

Entrepreneur Oliver Jörger approaches his goals regarding the North American market in a focused and determined manner. To this end, he visited the USA for the second time this year in May 2022 and made numerous appointments with Jörger trade partners. Bathroom exhibitions, display meetings, consultations and training sessions were at the heart of the trip.

In November 2021, Managing Director and designer Oliver Jörger travelled to the USA again for the first time after an intermission of more than two years due to Corona. The next trip to the USA already followed at the end of February 2022. A lot has happened since then:

Status quo: autonomous on the US market with Jörger Design as of 1 May 2022

Jörger has been operating independently as a brand on the US market since the beginning of May 2022. The new main importer and distributor is called Decorative Plumbing Distributors (DPD). The exclusive series “Valencia” and “Belledor” are newly introduced, and “Exal”now also has a substantial role to play in the US business. All measures associated with the new market presence for all parties involved with the Jörger Design brand are being implemented as planned.

The next milestone: Oliver Jörger’s business trip in May 2022

Ambitious, focused and full of drive, Managing Director and designer Oliver Jörger pursues his goals regarding the US market. The second business trip to the USA in this year speaks volumes: Between the 15 and 30 May 2022, he visited North America once again, touring the states of New York, Florida and California.

On the agenda were numerous appointments with long-standing and new, carefully selected trade partners. Visits to bathroom exhibitions, display meetings, consultations as well as product and sales training sessions dominated his more than crowded schedule.

Over the course of the trip, Oliver Jörger visited various cities, including Brooklyn, West Palm Beach, Naples, Miami, Tustin, Costa Mesa, Laguna Niguel, Torrance, Studio City, West Los Angeles, Fremont and San Carlos, among others.

“We are on the right track” – Oliver Jörger reviews the situation

There is no other word that sums up the business trip as aptly as the word “exciting”. And no other word was used more often when describing the feedback from trade partners and the experience itself.

Safe and sound back in Germany, Oliver Jörger is extremely optimistic, enthusiastic and almost electrified by the personal encounters, experiences and lessons learned on this trip to the USA:

“This trip was more than important. It has shown me that we are on the right track, both in terms of our concept as well as the products and product variety. Keyword: ‘authentic luxury’. In the truest sense of the word. Design. Quality. Materials. Made in Germany.”

Picture gallery online: Oliver Jörger’s business trip to the USA in May 2022

The gallery vividly conveys impressions of the trip, if only in extracts. It comprises 14 selected pictures including captions. Originally, the photos were only intended for publication on Jörger’s LinkedIn company profile.

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