May 30, 2018

Traditional and Timlessly Design Innovation JÖRGER Design Salon (Shenyang) & Designer Cocktail Party

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JÖRGER bathrooms make dreams come true.

Mr. Oliver Jörger, Managing Director of JÖRGER Armaturenen- und Accessoires-Fabrik GmbH in the fourth generation, presented the companys' wide range of products.

On April 17, 2018, eastern and western cultures united and philosophized and discussed the future of the modern high-end bathroom.

Mr. Oliver Jörger, Managing Director of JÖRGER and Mr. Feng Jiang, JÖRGER representative in China, invited architects and designers to exchange top design ideas and discuss future trends. The main  focus lay on the influence of Eastern and Western cultures on the design of the bathroom in the past, present and future.

The event was hosted in cooperation with the highly reputed company Shangmao Home Baustoffe (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

During his presentation Mr. Oliver Jörger gave an insight into future trends from the manufacturer's point of view and presented the range of products and sources of inspiration for the JÖRGER design.

The name JÖRGER stands for coordinated design in which form and function merge harmoniously, releasing the highest level of aesthetics. Outstanding bathroom design and sustainable, handcrafted production in Germany characterize the benchmark of all JÖRGER products.

Today's bathroom design is expressed in a variety of ways, with a clear focus on surface treatment and surface variety.

CUSTOMIZING is a defining element in the bathroom of the future. This means the creation of an individual, holistic experience in the bathroom. The surface finishing of the fittings in general, can be found in the accessories but also in the color adjustments of third-party brands. All metal parts can be adapted to the surface of the fittings to create a harmonious space.

The inspiration for the specially designed faucets and accessories often comes from very aesthetic sources, such as the beauty of nature, extraordinary architecture and the harmony of geometric forms.

Modern & Minimalist, Classic & Elegant and Luxury & Avant-Garde are the absolute keywords and motivation that guide trends in the bathroom industry.


Interview with Oliver Jörger, Managing Director of JÖRGER Armaturen- und Accessoires Fabrik GmbH and Sina Home, Head Designer of Yuege Brand Products.


Sina Home: What is the difference between luxurious houses in China and Germany and how do the bathrooms vary from each other?

Oliver Jörger: There are similarities but also big differences. Luxury homes often have the same size or functional layout but are very different in design. While Germany prefers straightforward, minimalist design without intricate decoration, in China it is more of an opulent, ornate design. After all, there are differences in the culture itself.

The colors used also differ, especially in the bathrooms. There are often exclusive finishes like gold or rose gold in China, while luxurious houses in Germany often use bright white or earth tones.


Sina Home: How are the German bathroom products from JÖRGER different based on the differences between the two countries with regard to the Chinese market?

Oliver Jörger: This is JÖRGER's strength, as the product range in terms of design is very wide and extensive, from classic to modern. For example, Germany and the United States are separated by thousands of miles. Although both belong to the Western culture, they are nevertheless completely different in terms of bathroom design. Our products are very popular in the United States and China alike. JÖRGER is therefore globally positioned; constantly learning to appreciate different cultures, so that our product design is also suitable for different markets.


Sina Home: As a product designer, what do you think about the biggest difference between product design and interior design?

Oliver Jörger: The product is part of the room, its design is primarily functional. But it also completes the room. Products of different designs open up a variety of possibilities for interior design.


Sina Home: What do you think of the event today, „JÖRGER Design Salon (Shenyang) & Designer Cocktail Party“?

Oliver Jörger: Unfortunately, time was a little tight to have a conversation with all designers / architects. However, during the brief exchange I became aware that the market in Shenyang is very active and the designers have a great interest in getting to know new design concepts and products. The focus here is also on luxury items or in the high-end design sector. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to introduce JÖRGER products to the design community in Shenyang and would be pleased if, in future, our products echoed in the designs and architectural proposals.


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