March 22, 2019



Unification of classic elegance, luxurious gracefulness and the modern

Mannheim/Frankfurt. For some, the bathroom faucet was for decades nothing more than a water dispenser in a uniform material - not so much a style element as simply practical. For Jörger Armaturen- und Accessoires-Fabrik in Mannheim, however, the focus of their bathroom fittings, for more than 110 years now, has been on selected design.

With the change to a more lifestlye feel in the bathroom, accessories have come more and more to the attention of bathroom installers. Anything that pleases and corresponds to the individual style is allowed. At the ISH 2019, Jörger is presenting the exclusive range of fittings, „Valencia“, combining three styles: modern, classic and luxurious. The name is synonymous for power, strength and value, all reflected in a very special way in the design.

The modern character is defined in the stylistic elements of the industrial design, where the round handles are adorned with a ribbed edge. The raised, arched spout is straightforward and classically designed. An exciting contrast is created by the inlaid black crystals which create a luxurious look.

Oliver Jörger came up with the idea for the design of these handles through the current trend of equipping the center consoles of luxury cars with iDrive Touch controllers. Transferred to the new faucet, this results in a very special haptic experience.

The comprehensive bathroom range for washbasin, bath, shower and bidet with singlelever mixer and two-handle fittings has been implemented throughout the design of the series.

In-keeping with the style, surface finishes are available in chrome, platinum matte, precious brass, fine brass matte, bronze, mink, mink matte, gold, rose gold, bronze, silver nickel, matte nickel, matte black and matte white.


Luxuryloft Wannenarmatur
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Luxuryloft Dusche
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Luxuryloft Waschtisch01
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