Luxurious beauty and purity

 Joerger, Design, Serie BELLEDOR, Washbasin 3-hole fitting, sunshine matt, porcelain handles

It is nice to be greeted every new day by fresh flowers that inspire an inner feeling of the joy of life. And if these flowers are also a symbol of beauty and purity, and foreshadow inspiring changes, then it is not just a beautiful morning, but promises to become a creative fountain of inspiration and success, too.

The lotus flower embodies these attributes. Which is why the form of the taps in the Belledor series by JÖRGER is not just an element of the overall design concept, but rather a clear message the designer and project manager Irina Kuzina ( wants to convey to her clients. Because, behind the selection of all the bathroom décor’s components, such as the choice of the finely crafted onyx marble on the walls,

and the elegant curves of the furniture, all coming together in a perfect and luxurious symbiosis, lies a deeper meaning. At first glance it is plain to see that, with this room concept, this is no simple bathroom.

The form of the lotus flower on the taps and accessories of JÖRGER’s Belledor series adds the finishing touch to the bathroom’s decorative concept in a very original way. Hand-crafted from luxurious porcelain, which was once regarded as “white gold”, the Belledor series is made by FÜRSTENBERG, a German porcelain maker with a long tradition. All the metallic details of the Belledor series, such as the spouts and escutcheons of the taps, the shower sets and even the lamps, were specially created for this room concept in the finish "sunshine mat", to emphasize the vivid but luxurious ambience of the bathroom. The bathroom interior was designed by an architecture firm, under the direction of Irina Kuzina.

The architects have already designed dozens of projects for Russian and international private clients, as well as public sector clients. The designs in her portfolio are out of the ordinary, exactly like her customers: “Just like our clients, every one of our interior concepts is one of a kind.  Because, each person is unique, which is also why each room has an entirely different design.” For Irina Kuzina, this has been a guiding principle of her work for more than 19 years. "Taste is a subjective term. Ultimately, it’s not about having good or poor taste. It is about finding exactly what matches the individual person, and what reflects their unique personality.”

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